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Hey guys,

Traded in my 15 R/T 6mt yesterday for a 17 Charger Scat Pack. I'm stoked, but there are some things I'm going to miss...especially rowing my own gears. Had a few minor add ons that I put on my Challenger that I no longer have use for.

Pics below.

Mopar official Challenger car cover with Challenger name on it (sorry for the bad pic of it, I can open it all up if you want) $150 shipped.

Challenger Hellcat Spoiler with back up camera. Excellent condition, no scratches. I removed SRT lettering, 99% sure I still have it. If you want it, let me know and I'll look for it. $300 shipped

(My car was not factory equipped with the camera, but the connection was there. I plugged it in, and had the dealer turn on back up camera int he uconnect, and it worked like a charm.)

Mopar Vapor Fuel door. Also excellent condition - $70 shipped SOLD

R2C intake with Black hex filter. Has about 2500 miles on it. Loved it, and will be buying one for my scat. $125 shipped.

Spring booster v2- ah this little device, placebo or not was dollar for dollar best mod I put on the car. Unfortunately it won't work on my scat pack. Its specially for 2015-2017 Challenger with a 6mt. I drove my car to dealership yesterday after taking everything off and immediately noticed this was missing. It's the v2 with the 3 modes. Regular, sport, and race. I always kept it in race. $150 shipped.

If you are using PayPal (which I prefer) and use "for goods and services" with buyer protection instead of sending money to a friend, there is a fee. Please add 2.9% to the price if you want the protection. Every time I purchase anything privately thats what I do, as I'm the one requesting the protection, not the seller.

Prices are negotiable, but I won't accept ridiculous lowballs. I only had the car since April 2016, so all of these items were purchased recently and are like new.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.



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