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Stage 3.5 is Built for the serious Power Producers out there with Competition in mind and is designed to support over 800 RWHP on Supercharged applications.

Stage 3 fuel bucket assembly

Stage 3.5 includes the following:
-Custom Designed High Flow Fuel Rails
-Billet Passenger Side Fuel Outlet housing with -8an Fitting
-External Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
-20 FT -8 Braided Stainless fuel hose
-Custom Fuel Return System
-Modified Fuel Bucket with 2 Walbro 255 LPH high output fuel Pumps
-All associated AN Fittings and Adapters

Retail Price on the Stage 3 kit is $2599.00 and there will be a $200 Dollar core charge on the bucket assembly.

But for a limited time we will discount these kits to $1,999.00
there is a current wait for us on cores and fuel rails so these kit will not be ready to ship for 4-6 weeks

This kit has proven itself to 728 RWHP without a boost-a-pump and is a great solution for those looking for more fuel.

Stage 2.5 built for up to 600 HP on Supercharged applications

Stage 2.5 includes the following
-Custom designed High-Flow Fuel Rails
-Adapters and fittings for fuel rails and front crossover
-Modified Fuel bucket with 2 Walbro 255 lph high output fuel pumps
-Modified passenger side bucket
-Custom Replaceable element High Flow Fuel Filter

This System has Proven itself up to 600 RWHP at 12 PSI of Boost.

Retail Price will be $1299.00 and there will be a $200.00 core charge on the bucket assembly.

We will be discounting the Stage 2 system to $899.00 as well
again delivery is 4-6 weeks out because of cores and rails

Also the rails that will be included in the kit will be the Billet Technology modern-muscle rails in Black or Red with our logo on the rails.

We will not limit the quantity of this group buy but it will end at the end of April so if your ready for the ultimate fuel system now is the time
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