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Mopar CAI Filter Maintenance

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How do you take care of these blue dirt devils? Do you change them out, soak them?

The dealer told me not to blow it out w/compressed air, said that dislocated the fibers.
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Instructions are in part # 77060003ac
Remove filter

measure fiber media

fill pan with warm clean water the depth you measured and add mild detergent

do not allow the solution to flow into filter neck, submerge the filter for 10 min then rotate back and forth to agitate the water

empty the bucket and repeat the actions

refill pale with clean water and agitate repeat untill water come out clear

Allow to dry DO NOT APPLY OIL reinstall filter when dry

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I have a Mopar CAI on my 3.6 Charger and have cleaned it every 20k miles as recommended. It's a lifetime dry filter. I just passed 220k miles on this car. The last round, I decided to really try to clean it out well. I used simple green rather than dawn dish soap and took it through multiple cycles. I couldn't believe how much dirt was coming out of this unit. I think I went through 5 cycles to get it to be clean. But when I put it back on, I could tell, and my mileage went back up to where it used to be. Lesson is-they do clog over time and it pays to do a really thorough cleaning job on them. I regularly do oil analysis on that car and the only time silicates were high was after driving through some major blinding dust, but even then it was below universal averages. So the filter media works very well and my feeling is it might actually outlast the car itself. Definitely got my money's worth on it just on filter savings alone.
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