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Just revived and installed a Mopar CAI for my 2019 Challenger SXT V.6 looks great .. sounds much deeper exhaust note ... which I was reading about and happy with ... had to get the air tube for the headlight ram air .. $455 for the CAI and $40 for the air tube ... expensive but it’s all mopar .. it definitely works well .. I had the air tube with a K&N air filter.. no deep sound . Not a big intake from headlight. But with this if u hang a tissue in front of the headlight intake , the tissue gets sucked in. The other set up didn’t do that . I took a video but can’t post it . Don’t know why . One last thing is to get the 2 inch drop from Eibach sportline springs ... everything is all messed up with this virus thing . Back ordered . Hopefully it’ll be over soon .. stay safe...

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