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Mopar Quad Exhaust Tips

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I have been debating for a few months if I want to put the Mopar Quad Tips on my challenger or just keep the stock tips and sell the quad tips. They are still new in the box, I have heard they dont fit well to the Flomaster American Thunder Cat Back which is what I currently have installed. I have also heard the quad tips will make a fluttering sound can anyone confirm this?
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The quad tips on a stock Challenger exhaust system (6 Speed exhaust) made my car a bit more quiet due to the fact that the exhaust exits the vehicle about an inch or two further back than the stock tips. I could be be imagining this but I switched back to the OEM tips and I liked the sound better. With a custom exhaust you can mount the quad tips anyway you like so it would not be an issue as long as you are using the same pipe size that the Challenger comes with from the factory. If you are going to a larger pipe size I don't think the tips would fit. I guess you could weld them in place at a muffler shop.

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I didn't notice any difference in the exhaust sound after I installed my quad tips, but mine don't stick out any further than the stock tips did,

What I like about the quads is that they hide the relatively small round exhaust hole as compared to width of the stock wide rectangular tips. Plus, they emulate the quad tips that came on the hi-po '70's Challengers.

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