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Mopar TA hood vent system fitment

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Does anyone have the Mopar TA hood with the vent system installed on a 392 with a magnacharger? I have the hood and was wanting to make it functional but I don't know if the vent kit will fit with the Maggie.

Maybe someone here is running this setup or knows for sure if it will fit or not.
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There was a member w/ a Hurst edition a few years ago that had the TA hood w/ a 5.7 Maggie. He had to warm the underhood box w/ a heat gun or hairdryer to reform the box where it came in contact with the Maggie pulley/throttle body. The throttle body positions for the 5.7 and 392 are similar. So, no, it's not a direct fit, to the best of my knowledge.
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