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Just went from a MOPAR cold air intake to a R2C intake and just from first appearances the R2C looks more "high performance" and that they may have put more thought into the concept, design and functionality of the intake itself. The inlet is larger and the filter is about 2.5 times the size. People ask about sound but my exhaust is so loud I cant really hear anything else. Install was easy.The "heat shield" is larger and i think better designed for its "function" than the MOPAR as well. Things are in " " because i cant see how they really shield heat but its a good concept. All in All I like I like the R2C better. Purchased online for just over $300.

I also installed a Barton short shifter. I chose the Barton because I was hearing bad things about the Hurst shifters ie loud and inaccurate. The Barton seemed to be made out of good material and appears high quality. Install wasn't a breeze but if you have moderate mechanical ability you shouldnt have a problem. Took about 20 minutes. The hardest part was the passenger side retaining bolt that holds the shifter in place. What a pain! Drive-ability is awesome. Very positive "clunk" ensuring your in gear and the throw, even though they say its only 44% shorter, feels much much shorter over stock. My main concern, and it may have to do with my install itself, is a lot of vibration and road noise from 1st through about 4th. My stock shifter used to get a little ring and vibration every now and again but this is probably 3 times louder and happens twice as often. Im pretty sure everything is torqued to spec but maybe Ill give it a few miles and then re tighten everything. I may even wrap it in dynomat to quiet it down a bit. All in all happy with the install. Paid $425 from Barton. I modified a Hurst pistol grip shifter (using the pistol grip top and welding the bottom of my stock shifter onto it) and I like the results.


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