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Mopars at the Marina during Cruisin the Coast 2011

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Mopars at the Marina will go on Oct 6th, 2011. Long Beach Marina, Long Beach MS. We had over 250 Mopars last year. All MOPARS wanted, no CTC registration required, no year requirements, in fact we just want you to come because you own a MOPAR, any MOPAR!!! Heck if you just wish you owned a MOPAR or hope to own one soon come on by.
1PM approximate start time, and yes there will be free jambalaya again this year and even more than last year, I promise, and I have not let you down yet.
Remember this is a "unofficial and free" picnic, event, get together or whatever you call it. But want it to become the biggest free MOPAR event in the south or US.
Contact: [email protected]
Looking for clubs or groups to pitch in to make this a bigger year, soft drinks, food, snacks, door prizes, help, whatever. Contact me as above.
Eric "Killer" Keller
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I don't see anything anywhere regarding the location of this event.
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