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I decided to go with the Moroso Air-Oil Separator "Catch Can" (PN 85472) because I like the idea of the drain valve.

Pretty simple install but I wanted to share a couple of tips that I didn't find elsewhere and made for a much cleaner install IMHO.

1) Pick up an extra M10 Stainless Steel Nut. Use it as a stop nut so that the bracket can sit further forward. Otherwise the catch can is pushed back into the engine cover. The extra ~inch puts it right where it should be. (photo 1)

2) Remove the hose from the bib on the PCV. I used a pair of locking pliers an a lot of wiggling and twisting and it eventually came off. Then you can just run the included hose (or a braided line) directly from there to the can.

3) Re-use the 90-degree attachment that feeds the intake. Cut the factory plastic piece that came out of it so that it runs about half-way to the can's outlet, and then fashion a piece of hose to fit perfectly between the two. (photo 1 - the plastic piece is completely hidden within the hose)

4) Might be a no-brainer for some, but use removable thread locker (blue 242) to get all of the inlet/outlet/valve angels just where you want them.

5) Don't push the "red cap" all the way on to the drain valve, "just the tip" is fine. Otherwise it will be hard to remove later.

Photo 1:

The valve:

The finished product:

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I don't normally necro threads but... this was insanely useful for me. Should be a sticky or something.
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