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Anyone put a gen 3 on a diet yet ? We got 44lbs off this Iron 572 motor.
At Macon Motors we have a build for a replica p51 Mustang ww2 fighter plane.
The motor is a 572 with a gear drive off the crank pro charger.
Block was shaved to lose the weight.
Look at the tooling, you can see the cuts and how deep we went.
Yes its still strong enough to make 800hp

The lifter for the motor from Jessle were 3000.00 alone and the bushings are 1500 installed.
They have a slot matchined into them in liew of the dogbone that hold the lifters together.
If you look at a set of dogbone style roller lifters you will see as the lifters work, the roller tip pulls off the cam lobe. Just the way it is, unless you use these. Motor getting the works, Best of everything. Cryo treating the motor like I did all my stroker rotating parts.
Its a 75,000 motor build.

Ask you builder if his motors run, Upside Down !!!! ??? lol lol

Funny we cant buy parts or Nobody will sell parts when you tell them its for an air plane.
Boat, no problem.
An expermental plane,,,haha forget it.
More to come. Zoom in you can really see the amount of meat we took out.


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Now that is a cool project... Are you a pilot? definitely lighter than an Allison or merlin. love the Allison sound but hey, how many people can say they fly a Mopar?
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