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MT first test

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Here's motor trends first test:
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Front Wheels Photo 1

I'm a little surprised they were real drive 3.7 seconds 0 to 60 but could only manage an 11.7 Quartermile. I'll say it again they should've put on those P corsa zero from the Viper, none of this all season tire crap. I know there's guys saying the GT500 has crappy tires factory but they're a lot better than all season tires. Also I think it's really stupid that they do their testing on a regular road. If you're going to quarter-mile testing why wouldn't you do it at a dragstrip and get true times. They need to do a head-to-head and bring the cars to a true dragstrip none of this bullshit street testing. I did notice the trap speeds were identical though. Interested to see a head to head comparison.
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when you look at the specs of the GT500 and Hellcat, one can surmise they will be close in acceleration. I'd say the Hellcat would have an advantage if it's the A8; with the M6, the GT500 has a slight advantage.
That's just my opinion though.

But until they run both these cars head to head, making any firm conclusions using performance figures from runs made a year apart is kinda silly.
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