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At least MT qualified their article. It ran 11.7 @ 125 on street tires, on an abandoned airport runway, starting in 2nd gear. Hardly representative of the true potential of the Hellcat. And comparisons to the GT500 run a year previous have zero credibility.

I'll concede this - in a street race from a dig neither the GT500 nor the Hellcat will show their true potential, and attempting to exploit same is dangerous and foolhardy.

From a roll on an empty highway, I think it will be very close.

On a drag strip with both cars wearing DRs or slicks - the A8 Hellcat beats the GT500 due to its massive gearing advantage in 1st and 2nd. M6 vs. M6 will be a driver's race - both of them are similarly geared.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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