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MT first test

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Here's motor trends first test:
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Front Wheels Photo 1

I'm a little surprised they were real drive 3.7 seconds 0 to 60 but could only manage an 11.7 Quartermile. I'll say it again they should've put on those P corsa zero from the Viper, none of this all season tire crap. I know there's guys saying the GT500 has crappy tires factory but they're a lot better than all season tires. Also I think it's really stupid that they do their testing on a regular road. If you're going to quarter-mile testing why wouldn't you do it at a dragstrip and get true times. They need to do a head-to-head and bring the cars to a true dragstrip none of this bullshit street testing. I did notice the trap speeds were identical though. Interested to see a head to head comparison.
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