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I see what you are saying. I don't think it backfired, real 1/4 mile testing isn't done on a street! I agree with you that 6 spd vs 6 spd I'd give an edge to the gt500, but I bet the A8 beats the gt500 most the time. Also they tested the GT500 in May so weather and DAs was probably much more favorable, and could easily make up a couple tenths. Go look at the number of owners actually running under that 11.6 on a track.... I've only seen 2 bone stock run faster times, I'm sure others have but consistency is nice. I don't think the gt350 will be faster at the strip, its suppose to be less powerful and the new GT already weighed in over 3800 lbs so I doubt it'll be lighter then The gt500. Now its time for a real head to head where variables are even, ohh and maybe on a real (the legal way!) drag strip.
Just throwing this out there: The GT350, though aimed at knocking off the z28, could potentially be a 33-3400lb 550-600hp road course monster. AND have an auto option. Could be nasty on the strip as well. Back on topic here: the MT review was fair and not a let down in my eyes. Very impressive numbers on the street. You are going to see times very close to that 11.2 as well as numbers just a bit off. Too many variables.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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