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Well after a lot of researching talking and alot of help from good ol flattop I pulled the trigger on a mtcm for my car . I haven't seen anyone with one for the 12s but hey I needed a bump in rpm . well got it in , restored the car back to a stock tune then reinstalling the 91 tune and ADJUSTING the Axel gearing and setting the rmp redline up to 6650 I took off. Went through the gears a few times driving easy finally here it was I rolled in it slowly in auto stick passed 5500rmp and redlined 6000!!! I was like wtf the car wouldn't shift . so I slowed down and to find out I lost the paddle shifter guess the older cars didn't have em so tried it again... And again it redlined but shifted with the shifter so that works ... I was lost ,went home and installed the 93 nitrous tune from hhp and took it out again and BOOM!!!! Shifted about 6100-6150 wooow I was pumped so went to auto mode and shifted about 6300 !!!! So yes I gave up my paddle shifters for a 6200 shift point haha I'll take it ... Now to try to hit the track .... Rant over thanks to the forum for all the help and know how on this car much more to come .....
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