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Must I get a tune.

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Looking for some advice here. I have installed a MMX ported throttle body and intake manifold, a hellcat lower airbox with an AFE tube to connect it to the light, and the stock hellcat air filter. My question is now that the motor is flowing more air do I need to get a tune right away to keep it from running to lean. Wasnt sure if it would compensate the air fuel ratio some on it's own. Read somewhere else you could cause damage if it was running to lean. Have a 2020 scatpack. Thanks in advance.
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You do not have to get a tune, the non-WOT operation of the engine will be covered by the O2 sensors’ feedback, and the WOT operation will be covered by the knock sensors’ feedback in the event it goes too lean.

The main reason to get a tune with those mods would be if you wanted to get the biggest return possible for the money spent on the mods.

There is some power left on the table without a custom tune on those mods, and realizing it will require the custom tune. However, you won’t damage anything by not getting a custom tune. The built-in safeguards will keep the engine safe.
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