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09 RT Challenger auto
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What CR you going with ? Seen ya said 6.1 are you stroking it to a 426 or more,
Whos swinging bottom end you useing or is it by diffrent manufactures, crank, rods, pistons, or an assembly from one manufacture. Sorry
Lot of questions cause you didnt say anything. lol lol
Are those Power Andy heads and whos cam ?
PWR sending it out for assembly or you doing it ?
Carefull of the bore finish and ring package. If its not right it will pump oil.
Any power adders or NA only.
Looks fun man, Should make good power Good luck.

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Leaving it 6.1. 9:1 CR. stock crank(already forged) Manely rods, pistons and rings. The heads and cam are from Andy. Assembly is being done by Erik Storm at BFNY. Andy did an amazing job of honing and decking the block. A Procharger F1A is going on with a minimum boost of 14lbs. Andy now has full rotating assembly packages for sale.
Intake was ported and polished by Dave Weber of Modern Muscle.

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