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All, I am new to the forum, but have done a ton of reading a searching on this site. After searching and listening to I am not sure how many youtube videos of different exhaust systems.

Looking through 100's of posts on here and other forums about what is the perfect exhaust, what one doesnt drone, what is quiet, too loud....etc No concise answer was to be had. Its almost as bad as a Ford, Chevy or Mopar argument....except we all know what is the best on this site :)

So I was looking for an exhaust that would be on the milder side when driving around town and cruising down the freeway. I didnt want a higher pitch sound of some of the systems out there, I wanted a deeper tone to match what the car is supposed to sound like.

I called and spoke with Steve at Solo about a system for my car with the quad square tips. Super nice to deal with, even though I didnt order the first time I spoke with him. I talked with some more people and almost went a different direction, but made the wife listen to all the videos of ones I was looking at and she said get the Solo....enough said, the wife gave her blessing dont ask again.

I ordered on Tuesday evening about 730PM EST and the package was shipped out to me the next day with tracking information and I received it two days later. Within 2 hours of package getting delivered the house it was installed on my car. Super easy, had the car in the driveway on some ramps and some hand tools.

I had to go look on the Solo site for the install instructions as they were not in the box but was available on the site. People made it sound way worse than it actually is! I watched a video on youtube watching someone install one of these exhausts, and saw them remove the two hangers with a 13mm socket and this ended up being a great idea. Made the removal of the stock exhaust much easier and allowed me to remove the donuts when it was out in the open. To remove the donuts, I used a pair of channel locks and were off like nothing. I bolted the hangers back in place on installation with the doughnut attached and slid the new fittings into them.

Was a little tight getting to the front of the exhaust. Did the job by myself, toughest part was getting the new front section in myself just because it was bulky and heavy trying to get it to line up in the stock tubes. Also, removing the big piece of the stock section.

Now...The exhaust sounds awesome! Nice and mild mannered when your cruising but screams like a raped ape when you get it above 4k. Cabin noise is definitely higher cruising around town, but out on the road it is fairly quiet. I am glad I went this route vs others as I think they are too loud and raspy after hearing these.

And for the curious minds....No Drone that I have noticed so far. I will be driving more over the weekend, but the exhaust is better than expected! Tips are a work of art and pictures dont do these justice.

For those on the fence, or are looking for something that is fun and mean when you put your foot in it, but will please the wife when just cruising around, this is it. Easy to install, easy to adjust/fit and a great upgrade for the car.

I drove the car around until it got dark, and no pics. I can post up some pics tomorrow for anyone wanting to see anything special. Oh and this is for my '11 SRT8 M6.

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Thanks so much for the kind words and we are super happy that you are enjoying it! It will get better and better as it breaks in as well! The note will become even more full. FYI: We send the installation instructions as an attachment on the tracking email, so customers can see what has to be done before getting the kit delivered.

It was a pleasure speaking with you, and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me, 7 days a week! Have a great weekend and welcome to the SOLO family!

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