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2016 Challenger 392 Scat Pack Shaker
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I purchased a Speedlogix oil catch can. After installation I attempted to put the shaker back into place, only to realize it hit the can! 馃が馃が

I contacted them only to find their reply was to move it down to the lower hole, where this sits close to the alternator and makes it a giant PIA to empty.

So, I got a piece of stainless steel, bent a nice 90 deg into it, drilled my 2 holes, trimmed the excess off, and painted it with some nice gloss black engine paint. It attaches via the shaker mount post/bolt. Here is the final results. In the future ill be updating this one to a UPR and braided hoses. It can mount exactly the same way.

I'm not sure, if someone else has already posted this fix, they may have, but its what I found to work very well. Its easy to do, not going anywhere, looks good (too me), and makes it easy to empty



1 - 3 of 3 Posts