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Ok I really had a chance to try my OT-2 and I really like it. Its data loging is hands down the best part about it. Plus with Logworks 3 wich is free it really completes the package. I have no connection issues to my iPhone "3GS" using the Logworks app or the Dashcommand app, its very fast.

BUT... The Logworks App for the Iphone is alittle weak. And would prob. only use it for data loging not to monitor whats going on with my car. The gauge part is just bad. I know its free but It just looks like they didnt put alot of effort into it

The Dashcommand App.V2.6 "wich DOES work with the OT-2 on my 3GS". I have to say its way cooler. The way it monitors the engine sensors and your live fuel econ. looks awesome and its spot on. Plus it has alot of diff skins so the gauges can look anyway you want. So far it does everything great. But the one downside to Dashcommand is you cant uses your data logs unless you BUY their program wich SUCKS. Wich is why Id only use the Logworks App and the FREE logwork 3 software to data log. are some screens shots of the Dashcommand App. Everything works but the FRP "but it monitors Fuel Flow in gal/hr, MAF, and the AFR will work if you hook up a wide band to the OT-2. but everything else works nicely:thumbsup:

If you have any Q's just let me know......


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