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My mission for working with SpeedLogix / My introduction

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I think most of you "kinda" know me by now. I've been an avid part of the Modern Mopar Community for five years now. I've owned my Charger for that entire time. I've had the Jeep for four of of those years. And just acquired my 300 within the last 6 months.

I currently run my own business, and have been with that company for 14 years, an organization that has blessed me with such an appropriate income to afford three modified SRTs lol. :) I'm not leaving that career. Never will. I love it and believe in it tooooo much. And it consumes aobut ~45 hours a week for me.

But the thing that has happened to me over the past five years of owning these Mopars, is I've fallen in love with them. And to be honest, I've fallen in love with you guys and gals. I know that sounds "gay" all day long, lol, but it's true. This community has become a part of my daily life. If I'm not on the forums for a couple hours a day, I go nuts and feel like I'm missing something. And it's with that mentality that I enter this relationship with SpeedLogix, and my commitment to you guys and gals.

If there's anything you guys need to know about me, it can be summed up in the following:
I'm passionate, I'm anal retentive, I'm detail oriented, and I'm enthusiastic. Just call me your Jerry McGuire, baby!!!

My job with SpeedLogix will be part-time. I'll be in touch with the forums briefly throughout the afternoon, simply touching base. But very active in the evenings. Lisa and team have gotten SWAMPED at the shop, and need to give the physical, "in front of them now" customers more attention. So I'm stepping in, to answer PM's, give price quotes, give advice, and help you all make the best decisions possible when modding your sleds.

I'm making you a promise I will have answers and replies for you within 24 hours. However, MOST replies will be given within the first 8 hours. Part of the reason Lisa wanted me on this job, is because she knows HOW MUCH you all mean to the business at SpeedLogix. And I'm kinda the "people's man" behind all this. With driving three Mopars, and one of them HEAVILY modded, I've been through what you're going through. I've been in your shoes, where you wanted answers fast. You wanted somebody to listen. You wanted somebody to FOLLOW THROUGH like they said they would. I know that frustration and anxiety. And that's the part I'm most excited about!! I get to make people happy!!

Think it's a joke? Think it's a "new guys' pledge that he won't follow through on??" Try PM box is waiting!! :) I can't wait to dig in and give you guys what you want!!

Email me at [email protected]