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Need a little help

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Our local dealer has a Mopar 10 sitting on their lot i would like to have in my collection. I currently have 3 SRTs in my shop and a IE that should be hitting the ground in 2 weeks. So what i was thinking of doing was trading in the 2009 torred on it. The torred has less than 400kms on it and about another $2000 invested in aftermarket accessories on it. So therefore i would be getting less on the mopar 10 but stepping up one year and it is also a limited edition. The dealership is asking $4000 diff and this is where i have a bit trouble making the choice. The problem is what i am giving up to get the mopar 10. Any thoughts that might help would be appreciated. Now i understand the meaning of being caught between a rock and a hard spot.patchs:notallthere:
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Seems to me i was asking for honest opinions,am i scensing a little sarcasium here? :icon_evil:
I suspect not. I've seen '09 SRTs go for substantially less than that. The low mileage is probably why they are offering what they are.
I can't say that I would or wouldn't make that trade, but then I'd much rather have the Torred SRT than the Mopar 10.
(I also hate dealer tactics. Especially Dodge dealers. I always feel like I'm getting "bent over".)
If you've got the funds, and want the "limited edition", go for it. (Personally, the "10" doesn't do it for me.)
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