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I'm upgrading from Sound Group 1 (or Premium 1) to Sound Group 2 (or Premium 2)...long story and there is another thread about it.

Our 8.4 radios have an Engineering Menu that is a display only type menu, you can't make changes, but can call it up and view it. You may already know about it, but to access it all you do is press the driver side AC temperature Up and Down adjust buttons and hold them for about 5 to 10 seconds and the screen displays the Engineering Menu. If you scroll down to the last screen, there's a line that reads Cabin EQ. Mine reads "Cabin EQ: 223"

I have Sound Group 1, which if you pull up the configuration settings in AlfaOBD it says "Cabin Equalization Curve Number: Premium 1 for Challenger (Alpine 8ch) (LA)" My guess is the 223 number on the Engineering Screen is the number for that. So, if you have Sound Group 2, I'm curious as to what your number is on your Engineering Menu.

In my research so far, I've found (with the very patient help of someone on the site) that the sales codes from the factory for 6 Premium Alpine Speakers and 276 Watt Amplifier can't be changed to 9 Amplified Speakers w/Subwoofer and 506 Watt Amp. BUT the main reason for wanting to change them was to change the Cabin EQ curve setting to match the new speaker configuration. Turns out that value can be changed with AlfaOBD, but there's no info available that I can find online as to what number is associated with Sound Group 2. Would be interesting to see if 2 or 3 people reply and see if they are all the same number. That may tell me what 3 digit number to enter to change the setting for mine.

Our cars are not like the RAM trucks when it comes to selecting the EQ curve in AlfaOBD. For the RAM trucks, they seem to get a drop down list of speaker configurations and all they have to do is select the configuration they have. Our cars in AlfaOBD only give you an empty field to enter a number in, no drop down list of choices.
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