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6.1 and 6.4 HEMI Engine Blocks Wanted to Buy

At Arrington, we refresh, forge, and bore a lot of GEN 3 HEMI engines. We replace every single moving part with each Arrington Performance Engine build. Engines are in HUGE demand right now and we need cores to build from. With each engine going out the door we need replacement core blocks coming in and that is not always the case.

Email, Call, PM us if you have a core you would like to sell. Tell us what you want for the block, assuming it is intact — once we agree on a price, we’ll pay to get it here. Cash/Paypal when we receive the block and confirm it is a usable core.

We need Bare Blocks with main caps intact. No rotating assemblies, pistons, rods, shafts, etc. required, but leave them in if that’s easier. Now if that rod broke at 5000rpm and put a hole through the casting, we might object. :browsmiley:

We will respond to any GEN 3 HEMI in any condition, just ask and send pictures.

Ask us about heads, too — if you got ‘em.

Got Blocks?

[email protected]

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Hell, I'll sell ya my block for about $55,000.00. I'll even include a wicked fast Challenger!

'Course, you'd have to build me an evil Jeep Srt8...
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