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Need Help - did lots of research but still confused - what exhaust to get?

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I finally found the R/T i was looking for. 2009 RT classic - black with black strips with 2800 miles. Was going to get manual but part of convincing my wife was getting auto, not trying to teach her again is worth not having a manual.

When i purchased it - went ahead and changed the oil and threw a K&N dropin right away.

Love the sound of the engine and exhaust, but want it to be louder, more agreesive and maybe a little lower in tone.

I live close to Summit Racing headquarters so I have been looking at exhausts they carry.

Anyone live near Akron OH with a non stock exhaust on RT auto, I would love to listen in person before buying.

I was looking at Pypes violator for $480 or Flowmaster American Thunder for $559.

But there is also a Flowmaster Force II that includes resonators for $609.

I am trying not to spend a ton of money - but want that great sound.
Are the Pypes violator and Flowmaster Thunder comparable? Same type of sound?

Will the flowmaster force II be quieter since it has resonators?

I have done alot of research on here and understand manuals and 6.1s will have different tones and not MDS.

I understand you will get drone with certain exhausts but without ever hearing it, it is hard to understand. I also know that everyone has their preference but i am trying to get a general concensus.

Just trying to make an educated decision since you buy without hearing usually.

Finally, will getting a CAI change the tune once I add the exhaust compared to the drop in K&N filter.

Any comments will be great.
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