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Need help on buying the right radio

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Hey I’m looking to upgrade my radio on my 2017 Dodge Challenger from the 5 inch to the 8.4 uconnect screen I was looking on eBay and I found a cheap one but I don’t know if it will be compatible with my car it says it’s a VP3 NA radio just wanted to know if that would work on my car ?
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Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of good information here.

I have NOT done an upgrade as my car came with a 8.4.

But, from reading posts from others it seems that some people have had no problems at all. And some people have encountered a lot of challenges after upgrading their radios. Some immediately. Some later on when Uconnect needs to send a software update.

For example ... if your car has Sport Mode, but the car where the radio originated did not, then you might not be able to activate your Sport Mode.

The challenge seems to be that the Dodge, Uconnect, and SiriusXM systems apparently don't talk to each other. So your new radio will - perhaps - forever think it's in the vehicle where it started. That means when Uconnect needs to push out an update (and your radio controls much more than just your tunes) they are going to be trying to update your original radio ... not your new one.

Hopefully some of the people that have upgraded with no problems can chime in and better advise you. I readily confess that I only remember reading of issues. There has to be successes as well.

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The 2017 8.4" is either a UAS or a UAQ, not the VP3. I don't think you can put an older model (VP3) in there. UAQ is the Nav version

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