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Need help with hood badge

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I need help with my hood badge. I want change my 6.1 HEMI in to 7.0 HEMI.
Soon my car will get stroker from PWR (it turn my 6.1 in to 7.0)
Where I can order new badge with those numbers?
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need help! Please.

This is my chally

I want change my "6.1" in to "7.0" after I install stroker kit
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But is it possible to buy "7.0" for my chally same size and quality like my "6.1"?
It should look like stock.
If somebody know where tell me please? Or nobody did not do it before?
Maybe you are right. I ordered "7.0 Rottating assembly"
So after this I make a decision that my engine will be 7.0
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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