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If someone has their front fascia off, could you measure the distance between the headlight assembly and frame as pictured below? As you can see, the ProCharger Stage II kit routes the IC outlet hose between the headlight assembly and the frame, which kinks the hose.

Here's what my install looks like:

Here's what I want it to look like after modification:

The stock IC outlet hose has an outside diameter of 3.5'', but I think I'm going to need a reducer elbow/coupler to reduce the outside diameter from 3.5'' to 3.0'' to make it fit through the lower opening of the headlight assembly. I'll also have to re-locate the horns again, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Since I have to order the hosing/tubing on-line, I'd rather not have to R&R the fascia just to measure and then R&R again for the installation. Any help with measurements would be greatly appreciated.
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