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NEED MORE POWER pulley harmonic balancer road block

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Hi members been building my srt over the past 5 to 6 years and iam a bit stuck. So after my last dyno session i finally got my iats lowered and its ready for some more boost !! At 11.8 psi need to be around 16 psi. Problem Is iam at the smallest upper pulley (2.75) on my edelbrock 2300 tvs and need to change the lower have the dual blancer set up on my car retro fit kit 6.1 set up on a 6.4. Anyone know where you can buy a pulley for our cars that aren't ati dampers, fluid dampers and so on just a oversized pulley to bolt to the stock harmonic balancer to add boost ? Second any one know the ratio for boost pressure gains to up sizing lower balancer??
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2010 R/T Classic 6M
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Im a little confused, why can't you use an ATI?
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