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I know folks don’t chat so much here on the NOS boards anymore, but I hope folks will help me out.

I purchased a Nitrous kit for my Challenger and need some advice. My Challenger is a 2011 R/TClassic/STP (5A). I’ve added the following bolt-on mods to my 5.7:

BBK 85mm Throttle Body
6.1 Intake
MSD Coil Packs.
K&N Typhoon CAI
Billet Tech Catch Can
TranZformer Gen 1
GETRAG 3.73 Rear-end
JBL Shorty headers (w/high flow cats – Illinois sucks!)
MBRP 3” Exhaust
DiabloSport Trinity T1000 w/email tune

I purchased the 5.7/6.1 plate kit for the 85mm TB (00-10137-85-10). I also got the purge kit, bottle holder (10/15lb) with heater, bottle opener, And Wideband 02- PSN-1: PowerSafe Nitrous Bottle Pressure & Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.

My goal – start out at a somewhere around 50 – 75 shot & work up to a100 – 125 shot. Honestly, not trying to blow people away, just trying to have fun!

So, that said, do I need “colder plugs?” I believe I need the Stage 2 colder plugs from what I’m reading, but I want to make sure. If so, which ones? I know RockAuto has some for about $5.50 each. Are they worth it considering 16 plugs?

Second question, my e-mail tuner says I need a tune for each step – 50 – 75 – 100, etc. I have no reason to question them thus far… correct?

Thanks for your time!!


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So I'll help you out here, I've been running nitrous on my 13 5.7 R/T M6 car for a year now. I've got around 35-40 Nitrous passes on it, ranging from a 50-125 shot. I run NGK 2315 plugs. These are 2 steps colder plugs that don't hurt drivability when NA. I've had them in my car for a year now, without any issue. I do plan on putting a new set in this up coming year though. I have custom tuning that I modify when using Nitrous. I had a very reputable tuner write me tunes, I got an N/A tune, N/A Track tune, and a 100 shot tune for the track. All of these tunes were based off of 93 octane fuel, which I run all of the time, unless I'm at the track. Then I mix 93 & 110 to come up with around a 106 octane mixture. I do not know how your tuner does things, but I got all of the tunes I mentioned for one set price, with only 1 revision needed. Shortly there after I got HPT, copied those tunes into my HPT system, and now I modify those tunes to my liking. They serve as my baseline. The bottom line is you will need a tune for using nitrous that includes retarding your timing to some degree. My tunes are very conservative, and keep my engine very happy. Good luck, and I'm sure you will have a huge smile on your face. The biggest down side to using nitrous is having to fill bottles. Be safe and you will have a large smile on your face for a long time.
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