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Yeah, I was hoping for a move towards the charger interior.....thanks for the inside info!
I really like the new Charger interior too, really cool, but the one 'mistake' is the black gauges. Prefer the white gauges by far, and if they put black gauges in the Challenger, I'd be extremely disappointed.

In case anyone is wondering why anyone, like myself would prefer the white, its simple. Its an eye trick. When you walk into a room, the FIRST thing your eye focuses on is black. Same principle, when you look at a white gauge, your eye goes to the NUMBERS first, which is why you even look at a speedometer. If you look a black gauge, your eye takes a split second to not focus on the face and find the numbers. I didn't believe this at first, but go try it. This is the reason race cars use white gauges. We bought a 2001 Grand Caravan and I was so glad Chrysler put the white gauges, even in there. That was free.... ;)
1 - 2 of 339 Posts
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