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It seems quite logical that there will be a 'Cuda when the Challenger's clock runs out. Chrysler could keep the existing body shell, saving them a boatload of money, and swap in new 'Cuda-specific features. It would give them a chance to refresh the interior and explore alternative powertrains as well. Bring it on!
I feel certain this won't happen. I think Fiat/Chrysler/Dodge will move from a MB based platform to a smaller Fiat based platform to introduce a Cuda model. This is in keeping with the industry, as it's been confirmed that the next generation Camaro will also be moving to a smaller platform. Additionally, I don't think a Cuda will be a true retro model like the Challenger, but a new model with some retro styling cues like the Charger.
1 - 2 of 339 Posts
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