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Hi All,

New here and New to being a Challenger owner.

I've been a 2nd gen Hemi Challenger lover since they came out ... Though the 3rd gen Hemi Cuda is my dream car. (i.e. 70 / 71 specific)
Wife, family and kids put the kabash on that when they were still somewhat affordable, now as most know, prices are way far out there.

Then the forth gen came out ... Life was still in the way.

A little over two years ago we found out I have serious health issues, realization set in that I was not going to be able to finish my current project or enjoy it.

So, A few weeks ago I was awoken from my afternoon nap with a vroom vroom vroom outside my bedroom window, when I looked out the window, there it was!

A Furious Fuchsia 5.7L M6 Challenger with Functional Air Hood, Pearl White seats and a Sun Roof ... I was stunned, not so much by the car as I was of the surprise.
Don't get me wrong, that car turned me on FULL HARD!

Then I got to looking at the car and just kept melting ...
13,022 miles, meticulously maintained, nary a scratch on her inside or out.
That's it, I must have died in my sleep and this is a dream ...

When I got done watering and fertilizing the lawn with the drool and ***, I took her for a ride, came back and cleaned all the dribbles off and stuffed her in bed for the night.

Then the good news started rolling in,

  1. Special Edition (rare)... Didn't know that, we thought it was just a run of the mill 2010 Challenger.
  2. She was a garaged, show queen. (And will remain so in my environmentally controlled shop)
  3. The PO had all the original parts and pieces and wanted to hook up and pass them along.
    • Original window sticker.
    • Original hood in box. (Has the Functional Air Hood)
    • Original wheels and tires, got a flat and did the Nitto's and Wheels to fix the flat ... :)
    • Original air box. (Has the Mopar CAI)
    • Original shifter. (Has the Hurst Comp/Pro)
    • Original mid pipe mufflers (resonators?) (they freaking look brand new except cut off, they still got the factory check paint on them and shiny inside).
    • Original shock tower covers. (Has chrome ones)
    • Original engine cover. (Has fake carbon fiber unit ... Tossed it, I hate FAKE)
    • Black Challenger R/T side stripe kit.
    • Set of black "HEMI 5.7" vynle. (I think for the sides of the Functional Air Hood)
    • Some chrome dodads never put on.
    • Mr. Norm Autographed fake carbon fiber Shock Tower Covers.
    • 70 Challenger Plum Crazy License plate.
    • And told us the life history, as well as the collection of show trophy's ... Real cool dude, elder, not a hot rodder.
  4. According to Bill (at the Furious Fuchsia Challenger registry), as delivered from the factory, it is in a class of only 86 (US) at most.
    Bill's words:
    Here's what I can tell you about your Furious Fuchsia.
    Of the 994 R/T Classic Furious Fuchsia Challengers built for the US Market 268 had Manual Transmission.
    Of them 148 had sunroofs installed and 86 had Pearl White Seat/Bright White Dual Stripes Combination.

And all my wife knew when she bought the car was, it's a beautiful car, low mileage, meticulously maintained, a color I would like, it's Hemi powered, has a manual transmission and Sun roof ...

Gotta love her!

fh : )_~


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Holy crap that's a sweet ride. Great colors too.

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Welcome from California ;)

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Welcome to the forum.
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