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Howdy all willing viewers!
So, i had to replace my brake pads recently on a 2009 challenger SRT8. I went ahead and got some new rotors as well.

I put on some:

EBC slotted and dimpled rotors
EBC Red Stuff pads

I did as much research as i was capable with my limited knowledge without filling forums with newb questions and im 98.9% positive they are a fitting match.
However, they squeal out the ****ens!
All seams in place and the only thing i didnt do was place any kind of lube or anti-seaze on them as this was my first time on disk breaks. Its been over a month now, the rotors coating layer is all off and they are now shiny, but the still squeal on and off at lower/ stopping speeds. its a very loud squeal, to re-emphasize.
the main issue i come across currently is, i took them to the dealership for a look, and they say (i truly assume its a money grab) that the 08-10 challengers dont like new brake anything, upgrade or downgrade and said i would have to buy new stock parts.

what im asking for is any advise to stop the squeal or at least, opinions on what the dealership says.

Thank you all in advance.

p.s. as far as i can tell, the equipment works 100%, 99% even wear over the rotor, good stopping, low dust, etc.

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You don't mention the year or if it's a SE, RT, or SRT or what the manufacturer of the new equipment is. The dealer can be ignored as all cars can work with aftermarket equipment. Check this short thread from about a month ago and try what's recommended and see if it doesn't help. Good luck, and welcome to CT from Minneapolis. :icon_cheers:
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