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MOD"s if General is a better place, then please move

•*Found some dealer invoice's and the numbers seem to be that there is a discount of 3.5% from base and 11% from the add-on's. Calculated invoice should be more accurate.
• Added a 0% Hold Back sheet
• Added a row for Doc and Lic Fee's to give a closer calculation of the final payment.
• Added Entry for Down Payment and Trade-In

I realized after getting a couple of responses from dealers in my quest and having been provided a sales sheet, that if I was in front of a dealer this needs to be played like a crap's game. If you don't know the game your going to lose money in a blink of an eye but if you know the game you can move the odd's in your favor (10x odds it's in the math).
• Added separate sheets for Negotiating Cars 1-5. This decode's the dealers sheet to show what discounts are really being applied from affiliate pricing. Window Sticker Pricing should be entered before walking onto the Lot if possible
• Fixed a couple of fields

"Taking a calculator with you to buy a car is like taking a knife to a gun fight"

• Noticed a couple of the negotiating sheets we're pointing to the incorrect field
• Was double dipping on 1% affiliate in sub-totals
• Fixed some Syntax

UPDATED V4.0 - FINAL - Based on my new 18 SPS Purchased I adjusted the following
• Adjusted which fields we're being taxed


Pink fields are to populate data. The rebate's will needed to be changed or zeroed out depending upon what your dealer offers.

Holdback Sheets 2%, 1% and 0% automatically populate from the first sheet (3% Holdback) (No Pink Fields on these sheets)



The negotiation will be weather or not the dealer is willing to allow all the rebates that can be stacked. Which then should be followed with negotiating the hold back.

Pay close attention to tax's, I realized that there can be as much as a $1,000 difference from one dealer to another for the exact same car. This is extremely useful to help negotiate. At least in CA.

If there is anything missing or something is incorrect, please post.

Click to Download:

Numbers Mac iOS Works great on an iPhone and it's FREE


also, here is the offer letter (bold and to the point) I am using to negotiate via email (i'm done with spending hours at the dealer, I am in no rush this time). Seems like a 2 stage response is a better way to go then negotiate the holdback at the dealer


Stage 1

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for responding,

I am inquiring about purchasing this vehicle (Stock# 00000, VIN# 00000) under the TreadLightly affiliate program (1% behind invoice).

Please provide the POC and that you can honor this program.

My time frame for purchase is relative to finding the right deal.



Stage 2

Hello Garrett,

Thanks for the update, but I value my limited personal time and I respect your time working on this as well.

I would love to come by but on this purchase as my previous vehicle purchases, the majority of negotiating needs to be done prior to me walking on the dealer’s floor.

Please advise on applying the following incentive/rebate/discount program’s to this vehicle based on affiliate pricing:

$1250 - Chrysler Finance Incentive. Will likely be taking terms of 0% @ 36
$1000 - 71CJ1
$500 - CACJA
$1250 - CACJA1
$1000 - Conquest Offer (Currently leasing 2016 Chevy Traverse, not trading it in (Wife’s Car))
$750 - Low Credit Score Rebate but technically my FICO is likely way above 620
$500 - Sam’s Club Discount Certificate

Please respond with a formal breakdown including license and doc fee’s. No trade in, No down.

Have a great day!

Kind Regards,

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Finalized to version 4.0 - The number's we're almost spot on with version 3.3 with the exception of one item that should of been taxed.

Car #2 on this Spreadsheet is my new SPS - As you can see I am a little over $2,000 behind MSRP after tax's with no money down. Also the Dealer had to add the TrueCar rebate which I was not aware about until finalizing the deal.

Click to Download:

Numbers Mac iOS Works great on an iPhone and it's FREE



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Interesting thread. I don't have the time to read them right now, but I will. I used to teach a college course on Personal Finance and tried to teach students how to buy a car. My brother and I have bought a lot of cars over the years and have learned a lot together. He is very good at doing the things you mention. I'm interested to see if some of the things I taught are what you are mentioning. Thanks.
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