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New Challenger, clanking/popping noise, please help

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I have a popping/clanking noise that is taking place underneath the car, maybe from the muffler for a few minutes after I turn off the car or when I am idle (I am not very savy with cars). I only have 1107 miles and this has happened since I got the car. Is this normal during the break in period? I haven't run over anything, driven her hard and have only used the recommended gas. This is for a 2014 RT classic v8 auto. I have an appointment with my local Dodge tomorrow, but any advice would be appreciated.
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The last time, about 10 days ago, when I drove my car really hard after the timing chain recall was done, I pulled into a friend's driveway, and it did the "Tick..tick..tick!" for a while, popped a couple of times, and the usual scorched smell. My friend and his wife both asked, "What's wrong with your car?". I told them almost every car I've owned going back 40 years did it, and "it's normal". They denied it. 15 minutes in one of their cars ('13 Jeep Grand Cherokee), showed them I was right. Apparently, they just never got on it hard enough to really get it hot and stinky.
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