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We have a new motor that we are working on that is based off of the 5.7 block. The motor is bored and stroked to 413ci for the maximum in hp/tq for your 5.7. The motor is being designed for NA applications and maintains a cylinder wall thickness identical to our 6.1 stroker combinations.

NA Compression Ratios
10:1 using 03-08 heads (Ideal truck motor)
10.5:1-11:1 using 6.1 heads (Ideal 93 octane NA motor)
11.3:1-12.3:1 using eagle heads (Ideal for 93 octane NA motor)

Boosted Compression Ratios
8.8:1 using 03-08 heads (12-15psi capable)
9.75:1 using 6.1 heads (10-12psi capable)
10.3:1 using eagle heads (up to 10psi capable)

For different compression ratios, we can order a custom piston to suit your needs. This motor is really at home as an NA engine.

413ci Longblock: $7000 (No Core Charge) Only 1 at this price
Comes standard with Manley crank, rods, and pistons. Iron rings, clevite bearings, camshaft, timing chain, lifters, forged pushrods, eagle mean street heads, cometic head gaskets, and factory main/head bolts.

In an 09-10 5.7 vehicle, power output is estimated to be 450rwhp/475rwtq due to camshaft and rpm limitations.

In any non-VVT platform, we are shooting for 500rwhp/500rwtq.

These estimates are based on a ported 6.1 intake, 90mm tb, longtube headers, free-flowing exhaust, and a custom tune.

Available options include the following.
Tool Steel wrist pins: Boosted/N2O
ARP Main/Head Studs: Boosted/N2O
Pro-Series I-Beam Rods: Boosted/N2O
Coated Pistons: Boosted/N2O
Steel Rings: Boosted/N2O
Gapless Rings: Boosted and NA applications
Ported 6.1 Intake
Longtube Headers
90mm or 100mm Throttle Body

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Fine then....4.080 crank and a 4.040 bore. :p Not really rocket science based off of what cranks are available.

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Nope, thats 418ci

Its not rocket science, but you are wrong twice now. lol.
4.080x 4.040 is 418.41
4.060x4.055 is 419.46(rounded 419)

4.080x 4.045 is 419.45.

Bah....edited.....just saw 413.....kept thinking 419.....sorry andy

That being said it's 4.080x4.015 :icon_aetsch:
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