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2018 Scat Pack SHAKER in Plum Crazy- GONE :-(
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Today I didn't have a cable in my car so instead of using Android Auto like I do almost all of the time, I pulled up the nav/map on the uConnect screen. I didn't have any route laid in, just displaying current position as I drove. On the right, there was a list of what I think was exits on the road I was on (Rt 30 bypass around Greensburg, PA). I have never seen this come up, on this car, or my 2015 Charger I had before. So I went into the sandwich (3 stacked bars) and started looking through all the settings, turning stuff on and off like I want, and when I got back to the main screen those things on the right side were gone, and I couldn't figure out what the setting was.
I know, I know, RTFM... Doing that now!
(I haven't found anything yet...)
The area that the list was in, is where I highlighted this screen shot from the manual. Next time I will take a picture if I see it again.
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