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Hey guys! Spring/Summer is approaching quickly! We have lost some fine Challengers due to people moving away, but we have also gained some new ones.

What are the plans for the summer? Any meet and greets? 'Ring trips/get to gether's?

This is the year I plan to dump some money into Darling Nikki starting with the basics of Predator and CAI, Catch Can, etc... What do you all have planned?

Let me know! I will be in lower Spain for the months of April and May for work. Thinking about driving down there. Anyone know of any events that will persuade my decision?

Also, anyone going to the car show in Geneva in March? I am seriously considering it! Let me know!

Wishing everyone a Challenging 2011!!!


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I would be very interested in any get to gether. Of course, i would appreciate it, if they are more somewhere near my location, near Munich. But i am also available for any events somewhere in Germany. The Nuerburgring wouldnt be a bad place.
Last year i was at the Geneva motor show, it was a great experience. this year, my brother will be there, but i cant, so perhaps next year again.

Upgrades for my Challenger are stopped at the moment, Challenger threw out some error codes last weekend (P0300 / P0305); because i have no guarantee, i have to keep my money... in case of any expensive repairs.
But my HopNot kit will be installed next weekend, it was purchased before the trouble.
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