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New Improved "What color is your Challenger!"

  • Inferno Red Crystal Pearl

    Votes: 143 4.5%
  • Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl

    Votes: 740 23.4%
  • Bright Silver Metallic

    Votes: 240 7.6%
  • Dark Titanium Mettallic

    Votes: 172 5.4%
  • Deep Water Blue Pearl

    Votes: 191 6.0%
  • TorRed

    Votes: 329 10.4%
  • Stone White

    Votes: 238 7.5%
  • Hemi Orange

    Votes: 472 14.9%
  • B5 Blue (available 2009, available only on Classic Edition)

    Votes: 274 8.6%
  • I'm holding out for the Classic Colors! (Plum Crazy,Lime Green)

    Votes: 281 8.9%
  • I would take one in any color! I just want one!

    Votes: 36 1.1%
  • I am doing my own custom Color!

    Votes: 17 0.5%
  • What ever is on the lot that has the options I want!

    Votes: 13 0.4%
  • Will it eat a Mustang and a Foreign car? I'll Take it!

    Votes: 22 0.7%

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silver rt Classic On Order

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the flaking in the Black is incredible!! dang near looking at the chromemulsion type paint whent he metalflake changes colors.

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Is there anyway to get a poll that breaks down the car by color, model and trans?

I'd be curious to know this distribution...

Maybe even add location into the mix -- lets say by State (or Country if overseas)

It would be interesting to know (for example) that most black R/Ts from the midwest were 6-speeds or most orange SRTs from the Northeast were automatics, etc...

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Deep Water Blue! No Mods yet, but they are coming!

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Black crytal
But mostly because I thought it would be the best base coat, so I can repaint the exterior without having to worry about painting the engine bay and door sills and stuff.

What I really want to do is get it done in the flattest black I can find, so flat it's like looking into a black hole. I've seen a couple classic muscle cars in flat black and I freaking love it. I think the Challenger will look good flat too.

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Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl

It's the most popular color and most frequently washed.
101 - 120 of 719 Posts
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