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413ci stroker for 5.7 based motors
6.1L Forged Short Block

Mopar Aluminum Bare Block
aluminum, hemi, 468, 440

New Price on 419 Longblocks
PWR 426 Longblock

Aluminum 440 Shortblock
PWR Aluminum 440 Shortblock

Aluminum 426 Shortblock (Actually 433 cubic inches)
PWR Aluminum 440 Shortblock

Eagle Mean Street Heads
PWR Street/Strip Heads, Eagle

Price and Hardware change on 6.1 Mean Street Heads for 2011
PWR Street/Strip Heads

Price and Hardware change on 6.1 Super Street Heads for 2011
CNC, P&P Heads

2005-2011 9'' Rear Differential Conversion Kit

New Price on DSS Chromoly Driveshaft
DSS Chromoly Driveshaft

1000hp Getrag Conversion
Getrag LSD Conversion

New Price on PI Converters
Precision Industries 2800rpm Converter

All DSS axles now up to date
1000hp axles
DSS Level IV 1000hp 09-10 LX/LC
1400hp axles
1400hp axles

All Shortblock pricing updated

All connecting rods listed

All pistons listed with actual pics. Some Wiseco pics are generic

Rotating Assembly pricing adjusted

ATI Flexplates added

All of these items still qualify for our "Make an Offer" 2010 sale. More items will be added to our site over the next couple weeks for 2011.

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Good timing on the flexplate... I sent Brad an email.
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