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New Lakewood Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

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Lakewood has developed some new adjustable sway bar end links for LX/LC cars, and we got a sneak peek at them to share with you ...

Note: these are scheduled for release in April, so if you would like to be notified when they are available, please subscribe to this thread for updates. Once they are out we'll have an installation write-up and pics for you as well.
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Okay subscribed.

Perhaps while Lisa is working on getting us pricing, someone knowledgeable can give us the theory of operation for these parts. I know they're supposed to help handling by adjusting the tension on the sway bars. How is this accomplished? What change do you get when you adjust the links longer or shorter? What is the best way to find the best adjustment?

These seem like these are going to be an inexpensive upgrade, it'd be awesome to understand how they can help handling (especially for my car). :)
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