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New pic with some other pic's.....

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I just hung some pictures of my previous Hot Rods in the garage and thought a pic of them with the new R/T Classic was in order.
The purple sign was done by a pin striper friend in Hanford, CA., where I live for a while after retiring from the workforce. It says Statutory Grape and has thank you painted for the painter, engine builder, chassis builder, wiring guy, upholstery guy and a picture of a clock with & $ sign painted for the owner, time & money. The 29 model A Sport Coupe pic is above the Statutory Grape sign. I had it painted 1997 ultra violet metallic, a Ford Ranger and Escort color that had a little flip-flop in it along with some pearl and 3 colors of metallic. With all the curves of the 1939 body you could see 3 colors sometime when the sun reflected off the paint. Seeing as the car was purple, I thought the name Statutory Grape was a keen name. You'd see dark blue, purple, and a medium dark blue when it was in the Sunshine. 350 +.030 bore, Isky solid lifter cam, Chevy 461X heads and a tunnel ram with dual 435 cfm mechanical secondary Holley's. Car weighed 2300 lbs. and really scooted but above 65 mph the windshield shook and the front fenders started to lift off. It was a treat to drive and have. Left of the 29 is two pics of the 32 Highboy roadster I built later. Just a crate 300 hp 350, 350turbo with a 3500 rpm converter, 9 inch rear with 3:35 gears. Drove it from Hanford to the 1997 Fathers Day L A Roadster Show at the Pomona Fairgrounds. I wasn't the only black 32 Highboy there, there must have been 50 of them. Black is a popular color and the 32 Highboy body style is very popular too. But, I had mine there and drove it the 390 mile round trip, it wasn't a trailer queen. Those are two spoiler braces hanging to the right of the pictures that will be going on the SRT 8 front chin spoiler to be installed soon. :headbang2:

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Looks pretty good! Good stories behind your prior rods. Thanks for sharing.
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