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New Valve Train Noise (Lifters) After Timing Chain Recall Service

Has anybody else experienced increased valve train noise on startup after the timing chain recall repair?

I had almost 15k miles on my 2011 Challenger RT when I took it in for the timing chain recall. I have been using Pennzoil Ultra fully synthetic 5w-20 in that engine since 3k miles. I changed it at 3k, then 6k, then 10k and was approaching the 15k oil change when I took it in. I was planning to change it every 5k miles after that.

When I picked it up they informed me that they changed the oil with standard Pennzoil and that I should leave it until my next oil change. Reluctantly, I was going to take their advice and then ...

The next time I started it in the morning after I got it back ( a couple of days later ) I heard a horrible racket from the valve train on start up. I had never heard such a racket before. Fearing for my engine I immediately shut it down and checked my oil. The oil level was fine so I started it again and it was quieter and then went away after a few seconds. Since the noise stopped I drove it to work thinking I should change back to synthetic sooner rather than later. At the end of the day when I started it to go home from work it made the same racket again so I took it right back to the dealer for a check up.

After letting it sit for a short time in the service bay I started it again for them to hear it and it exhibited a little valve train noise for a very short time. They all said it was normal and not to worry about it. I purchased a mopar oil filter and immediately (that afternoon) changed the oil to synthetic as I had planned.

After several weeks and a few hundred miles back on synthetic the "problem" has not gone away. I put "problem" in quotes because several people on this forum have agreed that this is normal. My problem is that my engine did not make that noise before the timing chain recall work.

I did find a solution though. The details can be found here.

Looking forward to your replies.



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