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I just installed the Nitto Motive I purchased about a month ago. I had the Cooper Zeon RS3 for about 30k miles and they performed GREAT! Those were 30k hard miles. I was going to purchase the Coopers again but the Nitto's were on sale Memorial week and at $177 shipped I couldn't pass them. I've read good reviews so I'll see how it goes. The Nitto Motive have a 50k tread wear vs. 45k for the Cooper. Hoping to get 30K+ miles off the Motivo. I have a trip to Baltimore and DC this weekend so I'll get 600+ miles on them. Locally they seam very quiet and grippy...
I had two sets Goodyear RSA, Two sets Nitto Motivo, one set Continental Conti-Contact, one set General G-Max AS-05. Non lasted over 32k tho the General's were on course for 40k, but alas I traded her in before I could know for sure. The Nitto's were great until around 25k then started feeling loose. The General's were my fav of all and will be going on my SP when she needs new shoes.
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