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"I have been waiting to say these words..."

ShopHEMI are throwing a PARTY tonight!!! has teamed up with the National Muscle Car Association, aka NMCA, to bring you the Late-Model HEMI Party of the century!!!

TONIGHT at 6 - 9pm at the La Quinta Hotel in Wardorf Maryland, about 30 minutes from the Maryland International Raceway!

La Quinta Waldorf
11770 Business Park Dr.
Waldorf, MD 20601
(301) 645-0022

Free food, drinks, music, and GIVEAWAYS (including $1,750 worth of Gift Certificates)!!! If you plan to come out to the track this weekend, make sure to make it to the party to have a chance of WINNING NMCA tickets!

See you tonight!!!

Also, check out the Live Stream feed!!
Found at :

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