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I want to bring this to the attention of this Forum as Diablo already knows about this issue.

Injector Pulse Width can not be Data Logged on +2011 Dodge with Diablo DSDataviewer what so ever. This brings major challenges for +2011 and newer Dodge owners when trying to tune your fuel mixtures spot on. Here is the bottom line, if you change injector sizes in these cars the tuners without OE Diagnostic Scan Tools have no way to monitor this data in a log. This makes it very difficult to try and tune these cars.

I started researching this issue on my own as getting solid answers to this question of mine is like pulling teeth. I am not sure if nobody really cares or if they really don't know the answers.

I have checked many sources to see if Injector Pulse Width PID's were in Generic OBD2 Data and from what I can tell those PID's were never in Generic OBD2 Data which would make those PID's OEM Data. So here is my question... back prior to 2011 was Dodge just being nice and giving access to Injector Pulse Width Data or was it simply easily cracked and used?

I am attaching Injector Pulse Width Data from an aftermarket scan tool that does have some OEM Data in it. It even has issues with all the cylinders, number 5 & 6 are "Not Available".

Please someone chime in as to what the real issues are in getting this data in DSDataviewer.


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