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No performance pages on 2019 rt

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I’ve seen that other people with an rt have performance pages but mine doesn’t, I’ve tried to use the tazer z but that doesn’t work either, I ya e super trak pack listed under my vehicle features but I can’t access it. How can I get these items
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2015 RT 5.7 M6
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If you do have an 8.4, you probably have a non-STP equipped RT. If so, there may be a chance to get PP on the uconnect headunit provided the car never had a trial version or subscription through uconnect. If it did then the best you can get is PP on the EVIC but not on the headunit. Now you can run SRT pages but most of the features won't work.

There are modules like Zautos Tazer, Infotainments Genie or AlfaOBD (the least expensive being Alfa) that can enable PP.
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