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Normal speed 1/8 SRT392

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The other day was out riding,was a long stretch on country road,stopped,no tire warm up,stock F1s,90 degrees,very easy launch,typical wheel spin.Ran the 1/8th just out of curiosity.
The 8.45 was not that impressive,but I put no effort into the start.The 1/4 would have been better the way it was pulling.Theres a lot more in it .

So here's the question?What is the typical MPH,I was happily surprised with the 88.8.
Oh,also I forgot to turn the AC off.

Will try again soon,and actually put some effort into it.


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If I would have turned the AC off it probably would have been better.I just came off idle,and eased into it,was just impromptu,no science involved.Just didn't realize the MPH these cars were turning.Seldom ever get on it,just short burst.Plan on going to the track when it cools down.
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