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Not to be beat at any level, Power Ported delivers the best Stroker Shortblock deal available for the best price!

This is the deal for you! Ready to make a statement! Take it to the next level!

What a deal for the 5.7L owners who don't have a 6.1L core!

Power Ported is pleased to offer our vast experience in new HEMI engine aftermarket performance by offering for a limited time…

420ci Stroker shortblock (6.1L Based Block)


First one to purchase gets the promotional discounted price of $3,795!

Additional units at $3,995 OUTRIGHT PURCHASE PRICE with no core charge.

You will save by not having a core charge and core return shipping.


This could be you:

02-20-2011: Thanks for lots of fun and a great engine.

Hello PPP -

“I have had over 200 runs on the engine you built for me without a single problem. I'm a consistent winner at Countyline, Homestead and Palm Beach dragstrips here in South Florida. I hate to do "by-runs" that are the result of not being able to find cars to run against me. My 1/8 mile ET is consistently in the 7.2 second range. My 1/4 mile track ET is in the 11.4 range. Let me know if you want copies of the time slips and photos of my 2006 SRT-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee. My only complaint is that the power of your engine has made me buy expensive replacement drag radials in a very short period of time. Thanks for the great engine build job you did for me.”

Best wishes, IRV

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OR TO DISCUSS YOUR OTHER PERFORMANCE OPTIONS CALL US TODAY AT 859-363-9272 or for domestic orders click on this link to order now. THE REAL DEAL


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Dam you guys come out the gate Swinging for the Fences !!! Good Price !!!

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This will make lot's of folks finally punch the button!
It's a great deal and we are hoping some people will be able to take advantage of it during the sale.

Dam you guys come out the gate Swinging for the Fences !!! Good Price !!!
Happy to offer the opportunity for more people to take advantage of the thrill of the stroker motor experience.

Please spread the news. :pimp:This deals a great incentive and is money spent that keeps on giving. :)

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Answer to Questions asked so far...

this deal should get some interest!!

I've got some questions for IRV.

Please post some slips of the 11.4s runs at PBIR. is that n/a?

Consistant winner? at an actual race or during test and tune passes?

Sure wished you would have enter some of the Mopar Challenge races at PBIR
Most are races. At Homestead (1/8 mile track) races he's won a bunch of money. Really good guy and he actually hands the money out to the track employees. At Homestead he also ran a brand new ferrari and he killed it. He should be retired but he's not and is running a company so he hasn't had a chance to get us those time slips yet, but he said he would try to get us them soon.

Tune by Johan and Dyno'd on an all-wheel drive Mustang dyno at 720 HP and 703 TQ with a 250 shot of nitrous. The Jeep was running 6.7 to 6.9 1/8 miles with the 250 shot but he's had to back the system down to a 125 shot now since they won't let him run in the 6's without a bunch of safety equiptment being added. The 11.4's are with the newly nozzled 125 shot of nitrous.

That is a freakin awesome deal !​

Especially for the 5.7 guys, like ME ... lol​

What are the compression-ratio options ?
Hello Gabe. Thanks for asking the question. This price is for standard 10.3 to 1 compression. Diamond pistons can be used as an upgrade option but add to the price. We could look into a bulk discount but that would depend on the number of orders for lower compression.

Does the short block came with a cam included? Like Gabe asked what compression ratios are availible?
Hello Scott. A cam is a great option and can be added for an additional $435 to any order. At this price, including the cam wouldn't allow us to offer this special.

Inquiring minds want to know.
Hi Cruisin. Did this answer all your questions?

This is the same core setup used to set and then repeatedly beat our own record for the quickest 1/4 mile NA record, the last being at 11.08 seconds.

Yes, that answers all my questions. The bad part for me is the fact they're 6.1L blocks which would not allow me to use the existing FRI heads that I have.

Good deal, however.

Good luck.
Hello Cruisin1966. Thanks for repling so we could clear this up for you. Actually you can use your 5.7L Heads. That is the beauty of this deal. It will work for a 5.7L or a 6.1L vehicle owner. The investment you made in the heads can carry over. Although not optimal as a set of 6.1L CNC Heads, ported 5.7L Heads will make great power in this combo.

sure you can clay. just not ideal
Hello Fargo. Thanks for helping out. You are correct. Compared to a 6.1L the 5.7L heads might not seem ideal, but there are several 6.1L owners that I am aware of still running ported 5.7L heads today because they swear by the torque gains. It's all about what you have to work with.

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Latest Question...

Great sale price, and on a 6.1-based block, with no core charge !!!​

Damn I want one :D
What kinda boost can one of these take, as-is ?​
Thank you for the question Gabe. We were worried that people weren't quite understanding the monumental (and never before seen) significance of this offer. We want one for you too. :)

So boost wise, properly tuned, this setup could handle what the stock engines are capable of, which is essentially about 4 to 6 pounds of boost. There are a few 6.1L's out there still at 10.3:1 that are running up to 8 pounds of boost, but I would stick to the 4 to 6 pounds. If you have a big boost application, we can put together some options for you outside of this deal. Does this answer some of your questions?
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